Sammamish Plateau Water has temporarily paused new sewer
connections in key areas with limited sewer capacity.

Affected sewer basins include:

Northeast Plateau, Beaver Dam, Inglewood East, Tiburon, North Lake Sammamish, and Central Lake Sammamish (see map links to right).

Sewer Moratorium - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)


On Monday, May 24, 2021, Sammamish Plateau Water’s Board
of Commissioners approved Resolution #5030, extending the moratorium on the issuance of Certificates of Sewer Availability and Provision of New Sewer Service where a Certificate of Sewer Availability may not be required.

This moratorium is separate from any others imposed by the City of Sammamish because Sammamish Plateau Water is an independent and separate entity - a Special Purpose District.


The moratorium will limit additional pressure on the District’s sewage conveyance system that has exceeded capacity, while allowing the District to consider potential solutions, both interim and long-term, during which time the District will continue to engage the County in an effort to  address the District’s regional conveyance needs.

During this sewer moratorium, no new Certificates of Sewer Availability will be issued in the North Sewer Service Area for:

  • Individual single-family residence building permits (new home, remodel) that have not previously paid a full Sewer General Facility Charge for the proposed level of service.

  • New development proposals where there are not prepaid full Sewer General Facility Charges for the proposed level of service.


In addition, no new side sewer permits will be issued for:

  • Existing houses that are not a sewer customer, and are requesting to transition from use of a septic system to sewer service. (Exception: Sewer service connections will be allowed for those properties that have a failing septic system as verified by the King County Health Department).

***The moratorium expires at midnight on August 23, 2021***

How to contact the District. 


For builders and property owners with questions about affected sewer basins and/or details of the moratorium, please email District staff at ConnectionInfo@spwater.org.

Media inquiries: Please call or email the District's Public Information Officer at 425-392-6256 PIO@spwater.org.

Board of Commissioners

The Sammamish Plateau Water Board of commissioners meets on the first, second, and third Mondays of the month at 3:30 p.m. For information on attending or providing comment for an upcoming Board meeting, click here.

Ryika Hooshangi, President
Lloyd Warren, Vice-President
Mary Shustov, Secretary
Tom Harman, Commissioner
Nav Otal, Commissioner

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